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Geneva A. Crawford

Geneva A. Crawford

Twitter nerd. Coffee junkie. Prone to fits of apathy. Professional beer geek. Spent several years buying and selling magma in Miami, FL. Spent a year lecturing about psoriasis in Las Vegas, NV. Managed a small team writing about circus clowns in Las Vegas, NV. Garnered an industry award while writing about lint in the financial sector. Spoke at an international conference about getting my feet wet with dust in Libya. Spoke at an international conference about researching rocking horses in Bethesda, MD.

How to Find the Best Back Scratcher

A good back scratcher can help you reach those itchy spots when your fingernails don't cut. But not all back scratchers are created equal. There are many factors to consider, like head style (some have claw designs or are shaped like miniature hands or paws) and handle grip. Other important features include size and portability. The Best Back Scratcher Amazon Whether you're an avid back scratcher or need a little relief from the occasional itch, plenty of products are available to help. From the wildly popular bamboo back scratcher to...
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