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India, Seychelles agree to work on Assumption Island naval base project, respect concerns


NEW DELHI: India and Seychelles these days agreed to work together to broaden a naval base at the Assumption Island keeping every other’s concerns in thought after talks among Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Danny Faure, mentioned PTI information agency. “We have agreed to paintings collectively on Assumption Island undertaking primarily based on each other’s rights,” said PM Modi these days after a meeting with President Danny Faure of the Seychelles who’s traveling India.

The venture will supply India with a strategic benefit within the Indian Ocean Region. “India and Seychelles are fundamental strategic partners. We recognize the core values of democracy and percentage the geo-strategic imaginative and prescient to keep the peace, safety, and stability inside the Indian Ocean,” added Modi.
Faure concurred with the PM. “Assumption Island challenge became discussed, we’re equally engaged and could work together bearing every other’s interests,” he stated.

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Faure also recommended PM Modi for his “visionary knowledge” of multilateral change negotiations and safety and defense.
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“Under the management of PM Modi, India has a visionary understanding of what’s at stake, particularly in terms of protection and defense, and to address the challenges of our time on the subject of climate exchange, multilateral trade negotiations, and bridging gaps of inequality,” said Faure after the assembly with Modi.



Awesome and very deliberate overseas method. Many wherein glad to recognize approximately deal become failed. Many may be saddened to know this state-of-the-art development.

Mahesh K

The PM also announced that India had given 100 million dollars to Seychelles on credit for its defense quarter. The two nations also signed six MOUs. Every yr, British holidaymakers flock to the Spanish island of Mallorca for their summer-season vacations, and it is no marvel – the largest of all the islands inside the Balearic set is famed for the superb blend of enjoyable sun holiday and lifestyle-tinged ruin that it offers visitors. With the chance to stay to your very personal luxurious Mallorca villa, in addition to the opportunity to take in the sun and head to standard Spanish events, you will be hard-pressed to discover someplace more best to move on a ruin.

During August, the complete of Spain celebrates one of the maximum important dates in the Catholic calendar, the Feast of Assumption. The day falls on August 15th and is said to be when the Virgin Mary came to give up her earthly lifestyle and ascended to heaven. As such, August 15th is a massive day across Spain, and warding off on a Mallorca excursion around this date is certain to allow you the chance to witness how the locals want to have fun. As the day marks the demise of the Virgin Mary, some of the parades and carnivals which take vicinity are marched to the beat of a sluggish drum.

From traditional dancing to band performances and singing, August fifteenth sees the entirety of the island enveloped in song and dance and is a super manner for visitors to get under the skin of the lifestyle. The date is a public holiday in Spain, and so you would possibly count on a number of the main towns and towns of Mallorca to be busy. To keep away from the crowds, you can select to go out early in the morning or afterward in the day, whilst many Spanish take a fiesta as a midday rest. However, there are some greater up-tempo events on providing too, and you may be certain to locate something a laugh-stuffed to amuse you on this day.

As the primary hub for all nonsecular interest at the island, the statuesque cathedral inside the Mallorca capital, Palma, is, in reality, worth a go-to on vacation here. On August fifteenth, there may be many mainly themed offerings that attract those keen to get full information about this essential occasion. If heading to one of the offerings isn’t always your aspect, a visit to the cathedral should still no longer be missed.

This amazing building dates all of the ways again to the twelfth century and is a high-quality example of Gothic architecture fashion. The essential part of the church is a superb 121 meters length and 55 meters extensive, making it an actually breathtaking sight. From the outdoor, the church is a stunning structure and sincerely merits a snap or.

One of the maximum well-known elements of Palma Cathedral is its tall bell tower, which stands at extra than 50 meters excessive. The tower homes nine massive bells, one of that’s specifically famous because of its length. This bell, known as N’Eloi, is a huge two-meter diameter and weighs an intimidating 4,517 kilograms. As properly as the bell tower, the cathedral boasts several smaller chapels that provide traffic peace and serenity, as well as the risk of reflecting quietly.

Like many other spiritual nations, there are rules which you must follow when visiting a place of worship in Spain, consisting of dress codes that need to be observed to avoid offending. Shoulders are included to ensure this doesn’t occur, and shorts or skirts are under the knee. After enjoying all that the Feast of Assumption has to offer, you can fancy lying lower back on the seashore and make the most out of being on an excursion – and you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice over wherein to relax on Mallorca. The island is home to massive types of beaches, so all you need to do is determine what type of seashore day you fancy.

Some are exceptional for individuals who, in reality, want to sit back. In contrast, water sports lovers or the ones on a Mallorca holiday with their children may also want to go to one of the livelier and busier beaches on the island. The Feast of Assumption is one of the maximum vital dates within the Catholic calendar, and people heading to a Mallorca villa can experience the island’s festivities.

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