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Mobile app to report hate crimes against Muslims in US


Hoping to get a correct matter of anti-Muslim Web Posting Mart to hate crimes in the United States, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) launched a mobile app allowing sufferers to document bias incidents. The organization launched its Making Democracy Work for Everyone app a month after it said a 44 percent surge inside the wide variety of hate crimes suggested through U.S. Muslims final 12 months. Concerned that the 260 hate crimes CAIR learned of last 12 months represent just a fraction of the actual overall, the organization intends the app to increase reporting.

“In a second of trauma, you do not think that I need to go online and enter something, but your phone will always be in your hand,” said Corey Saylor, who runs the group’s anti-Islamophobia efforts. The utility allows a person to report a description of an alleged incident, which the CAIR team of workers will then investigate. If the organization concludes the incident was the result of spiritual bias, it will consist of it in its reporting, and if it believes the incident becomes the crook, it’ll share the info with neighborhood police. The app gives advice approximately what rights are protected by using the U.S.

Constitution and incorporates contact data for CAIR’s country-wide headquarters in Washington and chapters nationwide. The organization, this 12 months, resumed tracking anti-Muslim incidents, following a surge in bias instances ultimate 12 months. While the group saw a growth in anti-Muslim incidents previous to Donald Trump’s stunning upward push in last year’s presidential primaries and November election victory, it said the acceleration in bias incidents changed due to Trump’s recognition of militant Islamist organizations and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Trump has said his rules do not mirror religious discrimination but rather efforts to improve countrywide security, following a chain of attacks. It is not the primary time a U.S. Advocacy institution has used an app to try music bias incidents. The Sikh Coalition Organization released a similar app in 2012 to report bias incidents in U.S. Airports. Thinking of Buying a Used Mobile Home? 6 Steps For What to Watch Out For and How to Do it Right
If you are thinking of buying a used cell home, you need to observe out for belongings. Buying a cellular home is not like shopping for a normal stick-built.

Mobile app

You need to know what to look out for before you purchase a used cellular domestic. Here are 10 things to watch out for whilst shopping for a used mobile home. These tips will manual you to make the right choice and/or how to negotiate for your high-quality hobby. Better secure than sorry. My seven years of promoting used cellular homes have taught me loads. I am now passing on that records to you so that you could make an educated desire.

1. Age.

If your finances are tight, do not purchase anything older than 1977. That is the cut-out time for precise financing, and also the year a lender can determine if the used cell domestic is a HUD home. 1976 and older had been registered with DMV and no longer built to code. Therefore, creditors require a 20% down on a 1976 or older. The time period may be now, not 15 years, and the fee might be somewhere around 11-12%. That is lots to pay. 1977 or more modern calls for only 10% down, you may get 20 years of financing, and the fee is 1-2% lower. That is a miles better deal. If the home is newer, the price may be as little as 8%. Preferably, look for a domestic that is no greater than 15 years old.

2. Park.

Not all parks are authorized with the aid of the creditors. Before suggesting to purchase, get yourself loan accredited for that specific park. If the distance lease is too high or too many foreclosures within the park, lenders may say no to financing.

3. Rent manipulate.

Is it, or is it no longer? Most parks are, but a few are not. If no longer, make certain you absolutely understand what sort of every year increase the park will impose on you. You won’t mind paying that greater increase in line with yr; however, each time the gap hire is raised, the fee of your mobile domestic WILL pass down. It’s like a vehicle, depreciating. Still, it beats renting an apartment with human beings above, beneath, left, and proper.

4. Crime.

Does the park have safety software? Is the park patrolled regularly by way of a protection patrol organization? If no longer, you likely ought to stay away. Yes, it’s far proper; all citizens must observe the regulations and guidelines; however, many things can occur if there is no safetr. A security patrol is a deterrent; crime will cross elsewhere. Call the park supervisor and inquire. You also can call the local police work and ask for the legal document. Strongly encouraged.

5. Pets.

What is the park’s coverage? Your eighty-lb golden retriever might have a tough time getting authorized. Same for your pitbull or another so-known as “vicious breed.” Most parks will NOT approve them. There is the most effective one park in the Santa Clarita Valley so that one can approve a big canine, even two. However, no “vicious breeds.” How stupid. Recently, I had a dog teacher with excellent credit, a huge down fee, and a German shepherd. That dog was the maximum nicely educated German shepherd but no, taken into consideration “vicious.” So are Dobermans, boxers, pinschers, chows, and more than one more. Inquire with the park BEFORE looking at any used (or new) cell home. Save yourself the time (and your sellers) by using locating out first.

6. Neighbors.

Most people are high-quality. However, because you’re going to be dwelling in tight quarters (maximum cell home areas are small and set very carefully together), move and communicate to the neighbors. Both those around the corner and a few doors down. The ones some doors down are a good way to inform you what REALLY goes on. Maybe the couple round the corner do no longer get alongside any greater. Maybe there’s alcohol trouble. Maybe the youngsters play too loud. You need to know. Drive via in the night, hang around for a while. Do the same for the weekend. Spend an hour on a Saturday night time, using the mobile domestic park; you’ll then know if that is a place for you.


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