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Food bank shares 32,000 pounds of food at mobile pantry



13 percent of households in the Unique Press U.S. are considered food insecure, which means they don’t have sufficient access to affordable and nutritious food, according to Feeding America. Saturday, the Food Bank for the Heartland teamed up with the Salvation Army to host a mobile food pantry. It had close to 32,000 pounds worth of food to hand out their food drive. “We work in 93 counties in Nebraska and Western Iowa, so this is a way for us to give back to those different communities,” Lee Franck, from the Food Bank for the Heartland, said. The goal of the Food Bank for the Heartland is to serve 400 families a month in Grand Island alone. “If you are a person who doesn’t really have a lot of money and your family doesn’t have a lot of money, then it’s good to have these causes so that you can get food,” Maggy Biermann, who came to receive groceries, said.

According to the USDA, the average cost of groceries for a family of four is between $700 and $900 a month.
Shonda Fairchild, who lives in a three-person home, said that although she receives disability benefits from the government, she only gets $16/ month for food stamps. “Yes, healthy food is expensive. So when they have food banks like this, and they give out fresh food like bananas, tomatoes, mangoes, papayas, and pineapples, that is awesome because I cannot afford to go to the grocery store and buy those fresh foods,” Fairchild said. For Fairchild, the food bank is how she receives most of her groceries. On the other hand, Margaret Thompson said the mobile food bank is helpful but doesn’t do enough.

“They’re a little bit of help– a little bit, but they don’t address the problem of dietary needs for human beings,” Thompson said. She said she wants elected officials like Congressman Adrian Smith to acknowledge the hunger crisis in their own backyards. “Where are the jobs? I would much rather have a part-time job instead of coming here, being number 318, in a food line, that doesn’t give me adequate nutrition,” Thompson said. One youngster who volunteered said she wanted to make a difference. “Because if they don’t have food or water, or stuff that you need, then they won’t be growing, and they might be starving to death, and they might die,” Dejah Garcia said. Any food that’ didn’t get handed out today was donated to the salvation army. Every month Food Bank for the Heartland changes the location of the mobile pantry.


A Brief History of Mobile Computing

The captivating international of cellular computing has handiest been around for the reason that 1990s. Since then, devices that have been developed for cellular computing have taken over the wi-fi enterprise. This new form of verbal exchange is a completely effective device for both agencies and private use. Mobile computing is defined because of the potential to use an era that isn’t always bodily related to any static network. This honestly used to intend radio transmitters that operated on a stable base, commonly with the help of large antennas. 2-way radios used by law enforcement officials have also been taken into consideration by mobile technology. Still, now, it means humans can join wirelessly to the net or a private network nearly anywhere. As long as someone has one of the devices capable of wirelessly gaining access to the net, they’re participating in cell computing. Chances are, you’ve got done it with a laptop or a non-public digital assistant or PDA.

TMobile solutions are proper under everybody’s nose nowadays, and connectivity has by no means been easier. hese days, maximum laptops and personal digital assistants all have wireless playing cards or Bluetooth interfaces for convenient cell internet entry. Mother’s unusual gear for mobile computing encompasses gadgets like international positioning structures and clever phones like the Cingular Blackberry. Tons of PDA software program development has been taking place in the past 5 years because agencies attempted to make the PDA generation more available to the general public. These days, software program agencies nearly make greater software for PDAs and smartphones than for real computers.

Pocket PCs are some other manner to quite access the internet on the fly. Everyone has likely heard of the Palm Pilot. While they had been the pioneers of the pocket computer, many different businesses, including Dell, HP, and Toshiba, have all delved into the marketplace. The pocket PC software program has also turn out to be an awful lot easier to use. Most Palms use the acquainted Windows interface, permitting most people to get the right of entry to the internet via the standard Internet Explorer or different ISPs. Also, humans can live without difficulty download useful software, such as video games, Media enhancing tools, organization tools, and even electronic books.

Mobile computing has developed from two-way radios that use large antennas to speak simple messages to a few-inch personal computer, which could do almost everything a normal laptop does. People can’t visit their nearby Starbucks and no longer see a laptop related to a hotspot in recent times, and cell computing is still in its toddler phase. Natalie Aranda writes approximately computers. The fascinating world of cellular computing has most effectively been around because of the Nineties. Since then, gadgets that have been developed for cell computing have taken over the wi-fi industry. Mobile answers [http://www.Igroupltd.Co.Uk/solutions/solutions.Html] are right below everyone’s nose these days, and connectivity has in no way been simpler. Other not unusual tools for mobile computing encompass devices like worldwide positioning structures and smart telephones like the Cingular Blackberry.


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