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Labor ministry’s 8-billion-yen pc server seldom used


The hard work ministry spent about 8 billion yen ($seventy. Four million) for an excessive-powered computer server that has been used in only 0.08 percent of the estimated most quantity of instances it turned into expected to deal with. The intermediate server, brought by the Employment Security Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in July 2017, also requires annual maintenance expenses of approximately 1 billion yen. The ministry has earmarked those expenses in its budgets for fiscal 2017 to monetary 2019.

The gross overestimation of the wide variety of labor-related social security instances and the paltry usage price were revealed via data labored out with the aid of the bureau in reaction to requests from competition parties. In designing the server, the bureau assumed it might be utilized in up to 3.08 million instances a month and spent eight billion yen over 3 years to ensure that capacity. But till January 2019, the server turned into wanted for best 2,580 instances a month on common, or 0.08 percent of the assumed most variety.

The server became brought to share facts among authorities agencies and the important local governments through residents’ My Number identity machine. It eases administrative paintings due to the fact related files do no longer want to be submitted. The server connects the My Number device with groups of Hello Work task placement workplaces. Through the server, as an example, Hello Workplaces of work can ask neighborhood governments about whether human beings on leaves of absence from their jobs who have carried out for employment coverage blessings truly meet the situations for payments.


Through requests at the server to Hello Work offices approximately people receiving unemployment blessings, nearby governments can verify the earning of welfare recipients. Usage of the server peaked in September 2018 with three,551 instances, or a utilization fee of 0.12 percent of the anticipated most. The server can cope with up to about 88,000 instances an hour. But even at its hourly top, the range of usage instances did no longer attain 600.

“We had been not able to appropriately estimate (the wide variety of utilization cases) as it was the first time for us to accomplish that,” a legit of the Employment Security Bureau said. “If the server of the Pension Bureau is operated, the variety of utilization cases will boom to some degree.” The ministry has added similar servers at other bureaus, the Pension Bureau and the Health Insurance Bureau. However, the use of the Pension Bureau server was postponed in part due to a leak of statistics in 2015 at the Japan Pension Service.

The Pension Bureau began strolling its server on an experimental basis on April 15. The Employment Security Bureau’s server is predicted for use until fiscal 2021. In economic 2022, it’s far scheduled to be renewed, requiring additional advent charges. “The gap between the real wide variety of use cases and the assumed one is just too large,” stated Masaki Hoshino, a legal professional who was once a high-ranking reliable of the Board of Audit. “The ministry ought to have checked whether the preliminary estimate turned into appropriate and have to have carried out everyday critiques of the paintings. (This article was written utilizing Eiji Zakoda and Kohei Tomida.) Checks carried ouwasans of a using day party are vital.”

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