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Locals’ guide to Bordeaux: 10 top tips


Bordeaux is booming, with a high-paced education connection from Paris taking slightly two hours, and visitors are drawn right here via a vibrant restaurant scene, a number of the world’s most famous wines, and the towering futuristic Cité du Vin. But this revitalized metropolis has lots extra than food and wine, with exciting alternative art and song scenes to discover.

I Boat
I Boat, Bordeaux
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Photograph: Guillaume Bonnaud

Moored in the docks by the Cité du Vin, this former ferry starts the night as a groovy hangout for sundown liquids and dinner. Bands perform from 9 pm – something from heavy metal to electronic dance – and the location actually comes alive after nighttime while it transforms into a club till sunrise. I keep in mind one surely wild set with the aid of local hip-hop megastar Senbei when the whole boat appeared to be swinging, and we all thought it would flow away. In summer, the opposite huge rendezvous is La Guinguette Chez Alriq, right at the financial institution of the Garonne river, ideal for sundown perspectives and live concerts.

• Quai Armand Lalande, boat.European

Mathieu Perrin, manufacturer at indie report label Banzaï Lab

Darwin Eco-système
Darwin Eco-système, Bordeaux
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This is the humanities and tradition undertaking that has placed Bordeaux on the worldwide map. It has turned what we name a fridge Industrielle, a full-size complicated of deserted warehouses and barracks that I bear in mind as a ruined desolate tract, right into a dynamic hub spanning the humanities, eco-sustainable begin-America, and a city farm. Darwin is a paradise for graffiti artists, with skateboard parks, art ateliers for faculties, and venues for stay song and DJs, proving old industrial areas may be revitalized, not simply pulled down.

• 87 Quai des Queyries, Darwin.Camp

Jean-François Rivoire, enormous sculptor and founding father of the cultural complex Les Vivres de l’Art

Aux Quatre Coins du Vin
Aux Quatre Coins du Vin, Bordeaux
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Top 10 wine bars in Bordeaux – selected through experts
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Wine bars are everywhere today in Bordeaux, though in my view, I miss the vintage days while every road nook had a buvette, a tough-and-equipped wine cellar where you crammed up your bottle to remove and had a short ballon de rouge on the bar. Aux Quatre Coins is just next door from my fish restaurant, Le Petit Commerce, and with over 800 bottles on its wine list and a wide selection to be had using the glass (from €four), it has grown to be the location to head for wine fans inside the metropolis. For those interested in organic, biodynamic, and artisan natural wines, check specialist watering holes like Les Trois Pinardiers and the funky.


• 8 rue de la Devise,

Fabien Tourville, owner of the fish-eating place

Au Bistrot
Au Bistrot, Bordeaux
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The two maximum genuine parts of Bordeaux are Les Capucins food market and Saint Michel flea market, with Au Bistrot sitting proper between the 2. This has been a popular neighborhood eaterie for over a century. The chef chefs at an open kitchen, growing old-fashioned dishes like boeuf braisé (€19), simmered for hours, right in the front of diners sitting across the bar. There’s a first-rate wine list, and for dessert, don’t miss the classic Tarte Tatin or île flottante. The Capucins neighborhood remains a favorite overdue-night-time hang-out of cooks, waiters, and restaurant proprietors. At 4 am, the marketplace bar Chez Christophe is already establishing and prepared to fry a thick entrecôte. FT

• 61 region des Capucins, +33 6 63542114, on Facebook

La Base Sous-Marine
La Base Sous-Marine, Bordeaux
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This massive concrete bunker, a maze of eleven submarine channels, becomes constructed using compelled labor in the second international war to restore Germany’s U-boat fleet. Abandoned for decades, it is now an incredible venue for visually stunning exhibitions, typically projections of virtual artwork, and breathtaking concerts, dance, and theatre performances. Before embarking on the Vivres de l’Art task, I began my first atelier right here, and it changed into these towering spaces that inspired me to paintings in monumental sculpture. Now I dream of returning and creating a nightclub that may be Bordeaux’s model of Berlin’s mythical Berghain. J-FR

• Boulevard Alfred Daney, on Facebook

Il Teatro
Il Teatro, Bordeaux.
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If wherein to appearance, there is a colorful underground music scene in Bordeaux. Start via checking announcements on the mythical record shop Total Heaven (6 rue de Candale), where DJs and record diggers collect. Local websites bdxc.Fr and clubsetconcerts.Com have music listings and appearances for late-night parties in cafés associations and opportunity cultural centers like L’Antidote. And there are plenty of bars that transform into live, typically loose, song venues, like Il Teatro. Genial Italian proprietor Italo hosts bands on Thursday nights, and the place starts offevolved to heave after 9 pm, whilst glad hour kicks off, with pints at €5. MP

• 13 vicinities du Maucaillou, on Facebook

Le Garage Moderne
Garage Moderne, Bordeaux
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Photograph: Ibanez Fraile

Le Garage Moderne is a massive industrial garage, at the start used to assemble aircraft wings. Today, it has an agreement with the city hall to work hand in hand with the local people as a cultural affiliation that includes a DIY restore store for motors, bikes, and scooters, at the same time as adding the use of its unique area as a venue for artwork, sculpture, and music. Come at some point of the day, and this chaotic area is filled with beginner and professional mechanics surrounding jacked-up motors and stripped-down Vespas. Return in the evening, and there can be the presentation of an avant-garde video installation, a flamenco live performance, or reasonably-priced and cheerful domestic-cooked dishes at the retro canteen. J-FR

• 1 rue des Etrangers, legaragemoderne.Org

Le Comptoir de Bègles
Comptoir de Bègles, Bordeaux.
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Photograph: Art San

Sport is a huge part of the general public’s lives in Bordeaux, with each the soccer and rugby stadiums quite plenty in the metropolis center, effortlessly on hand by using the tram. I’m a rugby guy and would inspire any fan to return and spot a Bordeaux-Bègles suit to get a real sense of local lifestyles, particularly in case you forestall off for a hearty meal nearby at Le Comptoir, whose owner is the daddy of France’s cutting-edge scrum-half, Maxime Machenaud. Meat-eaters will love dishes like a juicy onglet de boeuf (hanger steak) and a mountain of fries, whilst non-meat-eaters may be amazed using lighter recipes pairing chunky cod with thinly sliced vegetable tagliatelle. FT

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