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Microsoft updates Bing visual search with Google Lens-like AI


Aiming to take on Google’s photograph reputation cellular app, Microsoft has released a new “visual search” feature for Bing. We could customers click on an image of something with their cellular cellphone to look for it online. “Today, we’re launching new wise ‘Visual Search’ skills that build upon the visible generation already in Bing so that you can search the web the use of your digicam. Now you may seek, shop, and examine more about your global through the pics you’re taking,” the Bing crew wrote in a weblog put up past due on Friday.

The character appears very just like Google Lens that was introduced all through Google I/O 2017 convention. It brings services visible from 0.33 events that leverage the power of synthetic intelligence (AI) to perform short and correct item recognition on pictures. “Imagine you see a landmark or flower and want to analyze greater. Take a photograph of the usage of one of the apps, or upload a photo from your digital camera roll. Bing will identify the object in the query and give you greater information by supplying extra links to discover” the

Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

After you take a look at your textbooks, it’s far critical to test your newly acquired knowledge and see simply how properly you’ve got absorbed the cloth—practice exams.

* Reinforces what you learned – fill within the gaps of what you neglected
* Gets you used to answer questions to construct self-belief and familiarity


Here are 10 Multiple choice checks questions so that you can practice on:

Question 1# –

You had sometimes lower back implemented a RAS server for receiving requests from the dial-in connections. Lately, you’ve been receiving court cases where some connections are getting rejected for no motive, and connections are very gradual. You enforce some other RAS server, but this doesn’t help the scenario to an excellent extent even though the number of proceedings has decreased using 25%.

What should you do?

A. Implement 2 RAS s servers in place of simply one

B. Since the court cases have lessened 25% with the addition of 1 RAS server you need four servers definitely to reduce grievance by using one hundred%

C. Implement a RADIUS server that takes over the responsibility of authentication from the RAS server

D. Implement IIS server

Question 2# –

You are on the SOA (Start Of Authority) tab of the DNS server DNS1 on that you wish to configure the region transfer with every other DNS server DNS2 each as soon as in 8 hours. Which of the subsequent alternatives will help you configure the DNS quarter switch between the two servers?

A. Refresh Interval
B. Retry Attempts
C. Retry Interval
D. Expiration

Question 3# –

When pushing software program updates to all the customers at the network from a designated server, which of the following settings on the GPO wishes to configure?

A. Audit Object Access settings
B. Specify intranet Microsoft update carrier area
C. Specify internet Microsoft replace provider location
D. Automatic Update settings

Question 4# –

You have created some DNS zones on your community. So far you simply had one Primary DNS and one Secondary DNS. The replication changed into very smooth and trouble unfastened. You now desire that area switch, and updates on the community manifest similarly clean after the zones had been created.

What ought to you do?

A. Ensure that the zones are all Active Directory-integrated

B. Ensure all of the DNS servers are strolling at the Domain controllers

C. Ensure all DNS servers are going for walks on member servers

D. Avoid using zones

Question 5# –

You are required to exchange some setting that has been set via the preceding administrator for the IPSec regulations. Which of the subsequent could you use to control this?

A. IP Security Monitor Console
B. Microsoft Management Console
C. Network Monitor software
D. IPSec application

Question 6# –

You are required to apply positive safety update modifications based totally on the already current ones on your network. Which of the subsequent would you operate to investigate what exists and what desires to be carried out?

A. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
B. IP Security Monitor Console
C. Network Monitor
D. Baseline setting of the applicable GPO

Question 7# –

You wish to maintain your DNS server database up-to-date and free of needless records. Which of the following alternatives will help you to keep the DNS database as desired?

A. Tombstone
B. Aging and scavenging
D. Secure updates

Question 8# –

Your network includes a single area with one DNS Windows Server 2003. The DNS server hosts a fashionable number one zone. Users record that the response time for the community seems sluggish. Using Network Monitor to look at the network traffic, you discover that a bizarre quantity of traffic is passing between the DNS server and DNS clients.

Which device would quality help you verify the motive of excess visitors?

A. System Monitor
B. Event Viewer
C. Tracert
D. Security Monitor

Question 9# –

You are in the technique of increasing the Remote access community as your organization is speedy acquiring smaller corporations worldwide. The agency’s written policy states that every Remote Access Servers need to have the same protection coverage settings. Whenever any amendments are made to these policies, written or in any other case, they will be meditated on all of the servers at one go to ensure that the execution time for the said mission is stored to the minimum. What needs to you do?

C. Use IIS
D. Use Certificate Servers

Question 10# –

You need to configure updates on your community. Your community includes 100 Windows Server 2003 DCs and forty-eight Windows 2003 member servers. There are approximately 2500 customers. Which of the following could be a really perfect and efficient method for imposing an automatic technique of software updates?

Each desire declaration presents a part of the answer. Choose statements to reach a entire answer

A. Configure Software Update Service (SUS) in conjunction with Group Policy Objects (GPO).

B. Configure Automatic Updates on all Domain Controllers and clients

C. Configure Automatic Update on the Root DC and make certain the relaxation do not hook up with the Internet at all

D. Ensure simplest the important DCs connect to the Microsoft website for Updates, and a designated server pushes the update to the rest of the computers at the network


Question 1# – Correct Answers: C
Question 2# – Correct Answers: A
Question 3# – Correct Answers: B
Question 4# – Correct Answers: A
Question 5# – Correct Answers: A
Question 6# – Correct Answers: A
Question 7# – Correct Answers: B
Question 8# – Correct Answers: A
Question 9# – Correct Answers: A
Question 10# – Correct Answers: A,D

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