NAIDOC Week: Language software developed in Newcastle helps save indigenous languages

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A non-profit Aboriginal Jacc Blog company in Newcastle is finding fulfillment using era to assist hold indigenous languages.

The Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre has advanced a software during the last decade to digitize and preserve Aboriginal languages.

The software program database includes text, pics, video, and audio factors to assist train its customers in indigenous words and definitions.

It is getting used to assist preserve more than one hundred fifty languages in Australia, and extra than 70 languages in North America.

The organization and its popular supervisor Daryn McKenny, himself a Gamilaraay and Wiradjuri man, were even cited by using then-US First Lady Michelle Obama on the White House at some point of an awards ceremony in 2016, recognizing their paintings in assisting Native American humans in holding their languages.

The significance of language

Mr. McKenny said languages were essential to Indigenous identity.

“A word for us is knowledge; it tells us a lot more. That’s what’s being taken faraway from us — our power, due to the fact we have not been capable of use our words,” he stated.

“Our phrases reflect how our global right here works, and we can’t do this the usage of English phrases.
“We haven’t been able to use our words in the way which we want, which displays our thoughts, our emotions, our understandings.

“That richness and that understanding have been taken faraway from us as nicely, due to the fact the whole lot else we are doing properly at this moment is in someone else’s language.”

Mr. McKenny stated a few tribal languages had been on the verge of extinction.

“The east coast of Australia become one of the hardest-hit locations inside the international for language loss,” he said.

“We have places wherein they’ve got perhaps one hundred words left, it is it.”

Technology breathes fresh existence into ancient languages
The Miromaa Language software changed into developed through Mr. McKenny as a manner of empowering indigenous human beings.

“We as Aboriginal human beings, we as Torres Strait Islanders, we as Native Americans, Native Alaskans … the authentic human beings of the lands from all around the international have in no way really had the possibility or access to have our very own tools to do that painting ourselves, to empower us,” he said.

“All the previous makes use of-of generation were geared toward the lecturers — linguists, anthropologists, other scientists. They’re capable of expanding it and they’ve got the resources and so on.

“In 2004, I sat down one night and began creating a PC software which finally advanced to be named the use of the word miro mar. That phrase itself approach to guard, to save, to stop from loss.”

Software being used round the arena

Mr. McKenny stated the software program became the best Aboriginal-developed device to document language, and it becomes now not simply being utilized by Indigenous Australians.

“[It documents] all elements surrounding our language, which entails the information, which entails the phrases being reported and everything around it,” he said.

“It’s getting used all throughout North America, Central America, South America … it is being obtained through human beings on both aspects of the Amazon.

“Miromaa has helped human beings communicate over again. It has helped people stop loss. It’s helped people produce their dictionaries, it is helped human beings sing.”
Recognition in the White House

In 2013, Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre started operating with humans from the Native American Pomo Tribe in northern California.

Mr. McKenny stated their language was at excessive danger of turning into extinct.

“You have been scrambling to find one speaker,” he stated.

“At the give up of it, they produced six language apps. They documented as much as they might of the six dialects inside the Pomo language group.”
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