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Pixel Launcher’s ‘At A Glance’ widget to add Assistant-powered ‘Intelligent Tips,’ reminders


Google has been experimenting with including a few new functionalities to the At A Glance widget on its Pixel smartphones. The corporation is trying out our new Intelligent Tips and Reminders for the At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher in the cutting-edge beta. As stated in our current APK Insight of Google app 9.61, the At A Glance widget is including the potential to show reminders. A toggle seems within the preferences menu for the widget; however, it’s not running in the meantime. Setting reminders thru the Google Assistant doesn’t trigger whatever to expose up at the widget. Presumably, it’ll look a lot like Calendar appointments.

Interestingly, Google is likewise adding a brand new “Intelligent Tips” phase to Pixel’s widget. Sixty-six of the Google app allows this new characteristic, but we can’t seem to get it to stay on our stop. So some distance, it looks as if this isn’t useful either, but the quick description teases recommendations powered by the Google Assistant. Presumably, this feature might permit the Assistant to show “clever hints,” including pulling information from contextual cards or based totally on your daily recurring to advise moves at the phone or searches. Regardless, it seems like it can be on hand. Most probably, we’ll see those toggles surely operating while Google v9. Version nine. Sixty-six rolls out in strong.


Location information taken in aggregate can power useful functions, with Google leveraging that records for site visitors updates, guidelines, and commercials. A new record these days exhibits how U.S. Law enforcement is increasingly requesting that data as a part of criminal investigations. While beneficial, privacy advocates argue that such overbroad practices threaten “snaring the innocent.” In this week’s top stories: we review the Pixel three a 2d time six months into its existence, the Play Store preps triggering device updates, we find the Play Store’s upcoming Material Theme redecorate, and more.

The ultra-modern Google app beta is rolling out this evening with several brilliant capabilities in development. Google app 9.66 well-known shows a dark mode for the notoriously white app and Face Match education, as well as “Intelligent suggestions” for the At A Glance widget. Google searches taken in combination regularly monitor exciting insights approximately what’s presently trending around the world.

It additionally makes for amusing minutiae, with this night’s episode of Jeopardy! Providing an entire category approximately “Google’s Top Searches, 1999-2018.” Google searches taken in the aggregate often screen interesting insights approximately what’s currently trending around the globe. It additionally makes for fun trivialities, with this nighttime’s episode of Jeopardy! Offering a whole category approximately “Google’s Top Searches, 1999-2018.”

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