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The automobile plays a key role in Canada’s success


Tomorrow is Canada Day — an occasion well worth celebrating from coast to coast. As I was preparing this column, I started to consider the role vehicles have played in Canada’s boom and prosperity over the past century. The car enterprise has created employment (and a stronger way of life) and prosperity for masses of thousands of Canadians over the decades. The automotive enterprise has created employment (and a more suitable lifestyle) and prosperity for hundreds of heaps of Canadians over the many years. (MARCUS OLENIUK/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO)

Trains, telephones, postal structures, the radio, and the internet have contributed a lot to uniting our high-quality country. However, the beginning of cars has delivered us nearer together as a nation than any unmarried invention or improvement. The creation of motors allowed individuals and families to travel from metropolis to town, and province to province, within the comfort of their own cars every time they desired. Automobiles ushered in an era of private freedom that maintains to this day.

The car enterprise has created employment (and an enhanced lifestyle) and prosperity for hundreds of heaps of Canadians over the many years. Canada is the ninth-largest producer of vehicles in the world. Our vehicle-assembly plant life produces 2.4 million vehicles and export $48.Eight billion really worth of vehicles (2016), and they continually earn the top ranking for high-quality and efficiency. Whether it’s miles the 140,000-plus folks who are at once hired within our quarter or the tens of millions of vehicle owners who rely on their vehicles to get around, the industry has been (and still is) a vital element of Canada’s economic interest.


The car is a need for millions of Canadians, especially people who live and paintings in rural groups, in which public transportation is unavailable. Other attributes, except vehicles, have contributed to Canada’s greatness as a rustic. For example, our ethnic variety has helped fuel much of this country’s boom, innovation, and development. From Vancouver to Newfoundland, Canada’s wealthy mixture of cultures and ethnicities gives u . S. Its particular flavor. Each location has its very own dialect, person, and customs, and everyone contributes to the wealth of cultures that make up our top-notch us of a. A column about Canada Day could not be whole without acknowledging the brilliant women and men inside the retail car region who work difficult each day to fulfill our customers.

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Senator Percy Downe has been lobbying the CRA to post an offshore tax gap estimate for five years. He thinks the organization has lowballed the quantity. Canadians with offshore holdings stay away from up to $three billion in tax in line with yr. Car manufacturers and car elements providers deserve unique mention, too, as they keep growing and re-spend money on their companies. In Ontario, The Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College in Barrie, Conestoga College, Algonquin College, and Durham College are many put up-secondary schools that are doing a great process preparing the following generation of automotive employees, and this is really worth celebrating.

The Canadian authorities deserve acknowledgment for keeping Canada aggressive on the sector level and its continued belief in character freedoms, human rights, and democratic concepts. I need to thank the banking and finance industries for supporting our enterprise and its customers. Financial balance and enterprising financing have allowed common Canadians to enjoy their automobiles and the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. For all of the wonderful matters about Canada, there are matters that situation me, too. Traffic gridlock, high gasoline charges, excessive taxation, and distracted riding are unpleasant issues to include in a discussion about Canada Day. However, there may be no denying that they exist.

I am satisfied those problems get resolved — we’re imaginative humans, and we can preserve to make choices which can be true for Canadians. With the right political will and involvement from average Canadians, we can circulate mountains. We all have a voice, so allow’s use it to better our use of a. This Canada Day weekend, take a second to mirror how fortunate we’re to stay in such excellent use of a. As a state, we have made several developments in one generation, and I am satisfied that our pleasant years are yet to come.

Car monitoring has become the need of the hour, and automobile owners really need their automobiles to be secure. When human beings search for these devices, there are lots of options available inside the market. This is not approximately the emblem. However, the numerous class options can place one in a catch 22 situation. Here is a detailed description of the sorts of trackers to be had in the market, and for this reason, you can choose as in step with your needs and convenience.

There are 3 sorts of trackers available within the marketplace.

• Hardwired
• Portable

Hardwired Trackers

This sort of GPS tracker is for tracking a single car. These are often used within automobiles of in advance than 1996, in which the OBD II ports have been lacking. It is preferred for automobile proprietors who want to hide the installation for more security. The electrical device of the car is used for power, and there’s no need to rate the device manually.

Portable Devices

TThis is a real-time tracker that caters to the need of many customers. hese are ideal for people to apply to their cars, and who journey greater regularly. These are modern-day devices, and the add-ons are included inside the bundle like a micro USB cable, lanyard, and water-proof case.

OBD Plug and Play Chargers

This is a really perfect preference for monitoring no longer best a single vehicle but a fleet of cars. Using the OBD car tracker has lots of blessings for the customers.
• The installation is easy, and it takes just a few seconds, say approximately 30 to 45 seconds.
• The plug-and-play real-time tracking tool may be suited for the OBD II port of the automobile’s dashboard.
• There is no want to rate this device manually.
• Telematics is captured at once, and the equal is informed to the fleet proprietor. This helps the proprietors to make sure that the automobile is secure and out of issues.
• Any misuse of motors can be notified without delays to the customers.

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