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Towards the adoption of national templates for CTAs


On 11 March 2019, the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) opened a public session on countrywide templates for medicinal merchandise and scientific devices in medical trials performed in Italy. Stakeholders may participate in the consultation until 10 May 2019, using the paperwork available on the AIFA’s website.

National templates

Law 3/2018 (the so-known as ‘Legge Lorenzin’) hooked up a National Centre for the Coordination of Territorial Ethics Committees (National Coordination Centre) for trials of medicinal products and clinical gadgets. The Legge Lorenzin also enabled the authorities to issue legislative decrees setting up the content material of scientific trial agreements (CTAs), which define how clinical trials need to be carried out.

At present, statutory provisions do not require the usage of particular templates for CTAs or the inclusion of mandatory clauses. Nonetheless, some of the areas (Italy’s national healthcare service is structured domestically) and numerous hospitals have followed medical trial templates. In widespread, even though a scientific trial template has been adopted at a nearby or local level, trial websites may use a sponsor’s template or, on any occasion, are open to negotiation and amendments in that regard.


Unless CTA templates are enacted by way of the regulation (which isn’t envisaged at present), their use will now not be obligatory. However, stakeholders may additionally want to take gain of the general public consultation. Irrespective of the legal device used, the supply of national CTA templates might likely encourage healthcare companies to advocate their use.

Scope of public consultation

To accumulate feedback and suggestions for enhancements, the AIFA released a public consultation on the 2 draft CTA templates (one for medicinal products and the other for clinical investigations of clinical gadgets) organized using the National Coordination Centre. While the initiative is really welcome, the definition of ‘stakeholders’ seems to be too slender. The events which could participate within the consultation (with an unmarried contribution for every stakeholder) encompass:

local fitness authorities;
local points of contact for scientific trials;
standard managers of healthcare businesses, hospitals, and establishments for studies and therapy with medical purposes;
presidents, fashionable administrators, popular and medical secretaries or criminal representatives of:
medical associations;
institutions of citizens;
affected person associations;
ethics committees; and
institutions of sponsors (both income or non-income).

Associations of sponsors need to include industry associations (e.g., Farmindustria and Assobiomedica), whose contributors may sponsor medical trials of medicinal merchandise or clinical devices. However, the list does now not mention the possibility of individual sponsors (e.g., pharmaceutical businesses) participating inside the public consultation or consider different relevant stakeholders as provider providers (e.g., agreement research enterprises, specialists, and different professionals who may also help sponsors or healthcare firms with technical, clinical or criminal aspects regarding the conduction of medical trials).


The development of progressive medicinal products is essentially based on the cooperation between pharmaceutical agencies and healthcare organizations. CTAs set up the terms and conditions of such cooperation within the interest of both parties. Although enterprise associations might also participate in the public consultation, the Italian pharmaceutical panorama includes companies that are not participants of those institutions and service vendors and professionals. Their voices must be heard.

The public consultation will hopefully assist in clarifying whether such templates should be taken into consideration mandatory (to the extent that this will be the case) and to what extent they will be replaced by using sponsors’ templates or be difficult to negotiate and amendments. Although public dialogue will cause enhancements, different factors inevitably must be tailor-made on a case-by means of-case foundation in line with every trial (e.g., taking into account the want to defend IP rights and confidential facts, which is a few instances can be a fundamental situation to conduct an ordeal).

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