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WordPress 4.8 is Now Available: Here’s What’s New


New Widget-associated Features

Adding Images: A photo inside a widget can now be executed without using the code. Images may be added inside the widget’s settings.
Adding videos: Turn any video from your media library into a sidebar widget with the new “Video” widget.
Adding Audio: Any audio on your media library can now become a widget in the widget settings.
Adding Rich Text: Text widgets can now be easily formatted with native rich text enhancing abilities.
Link Boundaries

Editing hyperlinks inside content has become less complicated with a brand new characteristic called Link Boundaries. Appending new text to existing anchor textual content can now be completed without having to re-insert the link.

Nearby WordPress Events

The new WordPress four. Eight dashboards have a section to keep you informed of nearby WordPress activities.

Removal of Support for WMV and WMA Files

WordPress has eliminated a guide for growing old audio and video formats among all the new functions being delivered. File codecs requiring the Silverlight plugin will not be embedded in the content material but can be displayed as a download link.


Why Should You Trust WordPress For Your Development Projects?

Launched in 2003, WordPress is an open-source content material management machine (CMS) platform with an ever-developing marketplace proportion and reputation. Over the years, it has passed from electricity to energy to reach the pinnacle function in the domain. At present, it captures a whopping sixty-five percent of the CMS market and, even better, is liable for close to 25% of all websites worldwide. Both states are magnificent, showing this feature-rich and superior platform’s domination. Not to neglect, it’s the pressure powering close to 80 million blogs in the world.

All this has become feasible due to its richness of advanced functions and effective functionalities that have, in reality, redefined the space of web improvement. Clearly, WordPress is miles ahead of its competitors in terms of recognition and usage worldwide. It’s a loose platform, allowing groups to edit and redistribute it without shelling out any money. It does more than blog work in glass form; it also supports developing websites of any scale and variety. It gives developers a lot of flexibility and alternatives to constructing sites or apps of personal picks.

Similarly, WordPress is a CMS platform filled with an array of plugins and themes to help businesses increase their capability to reach an incredible stage and increase their productivity. Be it an e-trade website, a weblog, a video website, a custom website, or something of that kind, this platform can develop all of them to assist the tempo and boom of your enterprise. More so, it’s no longer the simplest search engine marketing pleasant. It also comes full of an expansion of search engine marketing plugins to help websites, services, and products rank better and benefit from superior visibility on the net.

WordPress is extremely easy to use, and it has built-in capabilities for consumer management, RSS feeds web, log publishing, and so on. Developers discovered that this platform is clean to paint with, and it’s constantly smooth to customize, and changes to its design, functions, and colors can be finished effortlessly. Like other open-source technology, it also has a big network of ever-developing users and builders who take it upon themselves to troubleshoot any trouble human beings face with this platform. Not to overlook, there is no shortage of reference guides, assist cloth and different online sources that human beings want to leverage completely.

What’s more, WordPress is a comfy platform that adopts a layered approach to safety. Regular updates are to be had, enabling the preservation of websites and apps that are cozy and far away from risks. More so, it’s compatible with other software and technology, which allows taking its reach to in addition. , WordPress is a beneficial platform on which your business should depend for net improvement functions. It has all capabilities with the intention to provide your commercial enterprise aside on a website where the level of competition is rising. So, pick your CMS carefully, make your enterprise flourish, and realize its desires without difficulty.

Advantages of a Custom-Built WordPress Theme Vs. A Pre-Made One

Custom WordPress subject matters offer foremost blessings. First, you’ll be the only character or logo online with that topic. There are numerous millions of blogs using WordPress. For this cause, several different people genuinely utilize a pre-made topic. Therefore, you have an exquisite advantage in differentiating yourself from your online competition.

Custom functionality is the other fundamental benefit of a custom WordPress theme. WordPress and its plugins are known to preserve positive, effective factors for everyday customers. However, a custom theme lets your developers create every custom detail you may need to be successful in your precise area of interest.

Pre-made WordPress Theme Advantages

Pre-made WordPress issues additionally offer fundamental advantages. First of all, a pre-made subject matter is less costly. Some topics may cost a little more than others; however, commonly, their price is under $ 100. However, the custom option is irrelevant to the subject matters in this fee variety. If you stumble upon a pre-made subject matter that suits your needs and desires, you may shop a lot on costs.

Another principal benefit that pre-made WordPress topics have to offer is destiny-proofing. Not by any chance are all WordPress issues created similarly. However, the fine of their kind consists of regular updates, unwavering aid, and a massive and lovely community. This is inclined to assist with customizations and troubleshooting, amongst others. When you let someone provide you with a custom topic, you could, in all likelihood, work on your own after receiving it.

Custom WordPress Theme Disadvantages

The best downside of a custom WordPress subject is its price. It could no longer price you hundreds but hundreds of greenbacks, kilos, Euros, etc. Therefore, this could hold many people from buying this product based on finances and size. Nevertheless, spending money on your presence on the net is critical, considering that this could result in your achievement or failure. So, the cash you shell out to make your website extra thrilling and efficient is a profitable investment.

Before opting for a custom subject matter, you must also remember whether the developer offers future updates and addresses bugs and other issues. If not, it might be pleasant to search for another developer or WordPress preservation service on the Internet, which can take the rate of what your developer has left in the back.

Pre-made WordPress Theme Disadvantages

The dangers of opting for a pre-made topic depend upon the enterprise you purchase from. Their code needs to be clean. Also, they must follow the best practices of WordPress development, which can be recommended, like separating theme design from core capability. They should offer aid and have a lively community forum to assist in daily troubleshooting. Know how regularly they may replace and more.


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