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9 Free AMP Templates for Businesses


The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open-supply initiative to enhance internet site performance and experience. Its library provides a trustworthy way to create internet pages that are compelling and load close to right now. Originally announced by means of Google in 2015, the AMP environment now consists of 25 million domains and over 100 generation companies.

AMP pages are constructed with 3 core additives: AMP HTML for reliable overall performance; the AMP JS library for the immediate rendering of AMP HTML pages; and the Google AMP Cache to serve cached AMP HTML pages. The library incorporates buttons, shape elements, navigation elements, sharing factors, media, and typography. The venture is also backed via a fixed of concepts to make the certain steady improvement.

AMP Start provides prepared-made downloadable templates, with instructions, to get began. Each template carries “all the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS needed to render the page.” To launch or convert a domain with an AMP Start template, the steps are:

Pick a template.
Replace the content to make it your very own.
Customize the page shape and styling to your liking.
Test and submit the page.
Here is a listing of AMP Start templates. There are responsive website templates for e-commerce, publishing, gallery websites, and greater. All of these templates are free.


Beck & Galo. Beck & Galo is a simple, fashionable design for a eating place domestic page and menu.

2006 Hummer H2Image result for 9 Free AMP Templates for Businesses

For this project, we upgraded a 2006 Hummer H2, inventory indoors to a full custom leather-based interior, and mounted a custom JL Audio sound system. Let’s pass over a number of the setup…

First, we started out by eliminating the interior. The main purpose why we begin with the interior is, this takes a while, we prefer to get a head to begin on this a part of our mission. It additionally enables at the give up of the mission, so we are not ready on elements. Once the seats are out, we proceeded with stripping the antique leather-based wraps to get to the seat warmers. At the identical time, we commenced making a template for the brand new leather-based. This indoors we used excessive pleasant black leather-based for the seats and audio rack. We also went with a white stitching and custom embroidery on all of the headrests and at the audio track. Along the way, we brought LED indoors lighting fixtures for temper underneath the seats and in the amp rack. The finished interior consisted of the subsequent: new leather-based seats, LED indoor lighting, LED mood lights under seats and on amp rack, Kenwood DNX 9960 head unit, 2 6″ head relaxation video display units, one 10″ reveal on amp rack, bass manage on dash, and along with push to talk GPS. Each door received a JL Evolution C5 issue speaker, and our tweeters had been located on the door pillars

Now that the interior has been removed we pass to the custom audio field. Let’s pass over how we need our sub box and amp racks. The excellent place to start is with the subs, we are the use of 2 JL Audio 12″W7 subs enclosed in a sealed box, which needs 1.375 cubic toes in step with sub. The consumer with this car wanted more “punch” or “kick” to the bass, as a consequence the sealed container.

In this utility, we used 1.25″ countertop MDF for the pinnacle and. Seventy-five” MDF for the relaxation of the box. Once you have got built your sub enclosure to the proper dimensions, you can see what room you have left over for the different gadget. After your sub box is in the region you could start the amp rack mock-up. Figure out how you want them to take a seat and appearance, then build a comfy mounting platform.Image result for 9 Free AMP Templates for Businesses

You ought to be extremely cautious with the mounting of the sub box and amp rack. If they’re no longer secured nicely they are able to motive serious harm if they come unfastened in a surprising stop or a twist of fate. We continually bolt our sub enclosures to the automobile to make sure safety. This is also an excellent time to add Dynomat or another sound dampening materials wanted. Now that you have constructed your subfield and amp display its time to drag and start wiring.

For this deploy, we used sixteen gauge twine for drivers, 18 gauges for tweeters, and 14 gauges from the crossover to amplifier. Next is the Stinger 6 channel audio RCA’s and 2 video cables. Powering the machine we ran 0 gauge Stinger energy twine and four gauge for the ground with the intention to is going directly to the chassis at the amp rack. Finally, we delivered a 250 amp inline fuse close to our Stinger audio battery. (Remember usually region your fuse as near the battery as feasible in case your strength line shorts out).

Now that we have a majority of our wire run we set up a Viper auto start and alarm. If you have never done this type on install it’s miles endorsed that you have executed professionally. Please keep in mind most cars would require extra digital gadgets for coded keys in addition to radio alternative. Never assume you just can set up a radio and be accomplished. When it is not executed well it may purpose many problems. Our H2 wished 5 gadgets established so that the automobile begins and steerage wheel controls might feature efficiently, in addition to the Sirius radio and onboard CPU. Now that we are accomplished with wiring and everything is installed, we run an entire check before reassembly. This is the time to the application of any greater devices that have been installed. Once all gadgets are walking properly, turn off the vehicle and restart it to complete set up.

Now that we have examined the gadget we are able to begin setting the brand new leathers at the seats and reinstalling them in the car. After its all again together we can set up or tweak the system to its full capability, once more take into account this must be carried out professionally.


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Our carrier technicians are professionals in configuring and putting in your property theater device, at the side of full residence AV integration, whether or not your need is commercial or residential, Serious About Sound has the proper solution.


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