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Eventy: WordPress-like Actions and Filters for Laravel


The event is a Laravel package deal by Tor Morten Jensen that brings WordPress-fashion actions and filters to your Laravel app. This bundle has a lightweight API and makes it clean to build a motion and filter out the device as found in WordPress. The motion and filter system in WordPress is an effective way to personalize WordPress themes without modifying the template. For instance, your customers may want to, without problems, faucet into that alter the manner that identifies tags paintings without editing the template.


Actions are code that you need to permit the potential to tap into code execution at a given factor in your code. The themes, plug-ins, extensions, and tools of e-commerce systems make it less complicated for organizations to take their agencies online. You have the choice to choose from numerous e-commerce systems in step with your specific wishes and targets. Unlike other e-commerce structures, OpenCart is open supply and free. Hence, you can use this online store management gadget to build and run e-commerce websites without paying monthly charges. In addition to decreasing e-commerce utility improvement value, OpenCart also comes with features to boost custom net store improvement.

It enables you to construct and customize e-commerce programs using popular technology like HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Also, OpenCart makes it simpler to construct, maintain, and improve the web store via helping version-view-controller (MVC) pattern. Also, it lets you sell and sell merchandise to extra customers by supporting more than one language, currencies, and payment gateways. You can even gain the capabilities provided using OpenCart to create a sturdy e-commerce internet site consistent with your precise desires.


Features that Make OpenCart Compete with Commercial E-commerce Platforms

Supports MVC Pattern

As stated in advance, OpenCart is developed primarily based on the MVC pattern. The MVC pattern enables you to boost internet shop improvement by preserving the user interface and enterprise common sense layers. The separation further lets you preserve the e-commerce website quickly and make changes to its source code without any problem. At the equal time, you can customize the open supply e-commerce platforms in line with your particular desires, definitely the usage of HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.

User-Friendly Admin Interface

OpenCart, in addition, comes with a simple and consumer-pleasant admin interface. It allows you to manipulate more than one store thru a single admin interface. You can even use the admin interface to categorize customers/person organizations and set particular access and privileges for each person. At the same time, you can use the admin interface to get entry into essential information related to clients, sales, and orders. The modern version of OpenCart also comes with an admin interface that is obtainable on each computer system and cell gadget.

Supports Unlimited Products and Categories

OpenCart makes it easier to sell a large wide variety and kind of merchandise with the aid of supporting limitless products. You have the choice to create many classes and subcategories and assign products to individual classes. It even allows you to prepare and display the products independently by growing more than one cclass. The subcategory OpenCart also lets you sell physical and digital products. You may even enhance online income by offering the advertising and marketing functions provided by the open-source e-commerce platform.

Helps to Drive Online Sales

In addition to facilitating the sale of both bodily and digital merchandise, OpenCart, in addition, helps you to promote the products and increase online income. The admin dashboard furnished through the e-commerce platform permits you to create and monitor virtual marketing campaigns from a centralized area. At the same time, OpenCart also helps you to increase online income through enforcing reward applications and improving the purchaser journey. You can even gain an integrated device provided by OpenCart to promote the goods efficaciously via consumer evaluations, feedback, and ratings.

Supports Multiple Languages, Currencies, Payment Gateways, and Shipping Methods

Unlike different commercial e-commerce platforms, OpenCart does not permit you to sell merchandise through diverse online sales channels. But it helps you to sell merchandise to clients no matter their present-day location with the aid of helping more than one language, currencies, and payment gateways. In addition to assisting thirty-five fee methods, OpenCart also allows you to set up routine fee options for clients and sell products through subscription. At the esame time, you might have the choice to pick out from several delivery options in keeping with the delivery deal with individual customers. These alternatives help you flexibly sell your merchandise and improve the buying enjoyment of worldwide clients.

Choose from Many Themes and Extensions

OpenCart is advanced as a modular e-commerce platform. It permits customers to personalize and make its functionality bigger with the aid of including unique modules. You have the option to extend the middle functionality of the e-commerce structures by installing extensions for bestsellers, trendy, special, producer, and statistics. Also, you may use the Extension Installer supplied with the aid of the platform to add modules without writing extra code. Likewise, you could make the internet save appealing using downloading a lovely subject from the OpenCart marketplace. At present, you’ve got the option to pick from over 13000 themes and extensions. However, a number of these themes and extensions are commercial and paid.

Refines Product Search

Most users these days love rapid and responsive e-commerce websites. They even anticipate the internet site to discover and evaluate applicable products without any problem or postpone. OpenCart allows clients to collect records approximately applicable merchandise thru refining the search. You can create filters to make it simpler for clients to find and buy relevant merchandise. The filters may be created just like categories. But the filters will make it simpler for customers to evaluate and compare merchandise based totally on some parameters, including rate, producer, and situation.

Keeps the E-commerce Website Responsive

AIn recent times, a big percentage of clients get the right of entry to e-commerce websites on their cell devices. Hence, it would help make the e-commerce website handy and appear right on smartphones, tablets, and computer/laptop computers. OpenCart is evolved as a responsive e-commerce solution. It makes the net keep handy on the diffusion of devices with the aid of retaining it responsive. You may even enhance the cellular-friendliness of the internet-store through the use of responsive topics.

On the complete, you could always bear in mind the use of OpenCart as an opportunity to business e-commerce structures. But it would help if you did not neglect that OpenCart, like other e-commerce structures, has its very own shortcomings. For instance, OpenCart lacks sturdy functions supplied by using different e-commerce systems like caching and hook devices. Also, it calls for you to use extra plug-ins and extensions to enhance the e-commerce website’s capability and performance. However, it’s been evolving consistently to compete with other commercial e-commerce structures. You can still don’t forget to use OpenCart to build a custom e-commerce website development without investing more time, attempt, and money.

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