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Japanese blogger stabbed to death after internet abuse seminar


One of Japan’s most outstanding bloggers has been stabbed to demise minutes after giving a seminar on solving private disputes on the net. Media reviews stated Kenichiro Okamoto, better recognized with the aid of his blogger name Hagen, died on Sunday night after reportedly being attacked with the aid of a person he had argued with online. The suspect, Hidemitsu Matsumoto, allegedly observed Okamoto into the lavatories after he had ended his communication at a venue within the south-western metropolis of Fukuoka. According to the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper, Okamoto turned into stabbed numerous times earlier than staggering out of the bathrooms after his assailant, who fled on a bicycle.

Okamoto, who sustained stab wounds to the chest and neck, turned into taken to a medical institution wherein he became confirmed useless. His attacker reportedly passed himself in almost three hours after the attack. Moments earlier than the fatal stabbing, the 41-year-vintage had shared a recommendation at a public event on the way to deal with online disputes. According to reports, the suspect had posted messages containing personal abuse directed at Okamoto and other commenters on the weblog. The Mainichi quoted a supply announcing that Okamoto “had were given into trouble earlier than with net users over the content of the weblog”. In a message purportedly written straight away after the stabbing, Matsumoto stated he had endured to abuse Okamoto via beginning a new account on every occasion his current account became deleted.

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He brought: “I am going to go now to my community police container to surrender and take duty for my moves voluntarily.” Matsumoto, forty-two, reportedly confessed to stabbing Okamoto, telling police he had grown to “hate” the movie star blogger and wanted to kill him. Regarded as the main professional on cybercrime and the darkish web, Okamoto worked for an IT protection consulting firm and made everyday TV appearances. Japanese Twitter customers paid tribute to the blogger, with much voicing disbelief over the violent nature of his death. “Rest in peace, Hagen,” one consumer wrote.


The IT journalist Daisuke Tsuda stated he had become taken aback by the research of Okamoto’s dying. “How should this have occurred?” he wrote. Online personalities and newshounds are regularly victims of online abuse in Japan, in which tries are being made to crack down on hate speech. In the arena of Japanese management fashion, Kaizen approaches “change for the better” or “development.” Kaizen refers back to the place of job strategy calls for in no way-finishing efforts for development regarding all people inside the agency – managers and employees alike.

Generally, a Japanese management Kaizen team has two important additives – upkeep and development. Each factor has its precise capabilities. The renovation characteristic is to preserve modern technological, managerial, and running standards, while the improvement characteristic aims to enhance current requirements. These identical ideas can be implemented by running a blog. Here are approaches you can observe “Kaizen” principles to blogging. Let’s examine Kaizen for running a blog in phrases of the Management and Improvement functions.

1. Management

For Kaizen, commonly, you should listen to enhancing the manner rather than at achieving positive effects. It is also a procedure that, while completed efficiently, allows to do away with overly tough work (each intellectual and bodily) and teaches human beings how to learn to spot and do away with wasteful methods. A true blogger needs to possess the following management skills:

Time Management

Time management lets you work on the maximum worth obligations and get thru them quickly. Time control isn’t a difficult-to-understand perception but a critical blogging approach that may accumulate success. Many bloggers have failed because they are inefficient, and time management can increase that efficaciously. Knowing how to manage a while effectively will assist you in gaining the desires you need with the least amount of effort.

Maximize Blogging Effectiveness

Every blogger places numerous efforts in developing a blog and then posting content often; however, it is even more important that many people read the content.


Always try to build information on the key phrases used on your blog. You also need to apprehend how your weblog’s precise traits and how your blog can be healthy in your target audience’s current concerns. This information will help you to expand content material and also goal conversations.

2. Improvement

Under the improvement characteristic, a blogger should continuously revise the contemporary requirements after they have been mastered and establish better ones. Improvement may be broken down between innovation and Kaizen. Innovation involves a drastic development in the present technique and calls for big investments. Kaizen indicates small improvements as a result of coordinated non-stop efforts. Areas that require consistent development for a blog are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (search engine optimization) improves the volume and fine of visitors to a web website from serps through search consequences. A blog ranked better in a seek engine result page can have greater searchers visit the weblog. A proper blogger should continually pay attention to the brand new search engine optimization techniques to completely optimize one’s blog for engines like google. A high search engine ranking is also critical for higher weblog sales.

Writing Skills

Blogging is set writing. In order so that it will publicize your blog content, you should always attempt to enhance your writing capabilities. While the general public thinks of writers as infinitely gifted, residing in a few rarefied breaths of air denied to the relaxation folks, writing is a discovered talent. While a few human beings are certainly born more proficient with the written word than others, most people can grow to be better writers clearly via practice. Blogging is as good an exercise discipline as any.

Internet Marketing

Your blog does now not serve an excellent function if it isn’t advertised well. Without the right advertising and marketing, you can end up having a restrained variety of readers. You have to study a few fundamental advertising and marketing recommendations on your blog. Some of the primary advertising strategies are like joining a blog network e.G., MyBlogLog, 9rules, and so forth, post your blog to directories, have a contest, create links and trackbacks, and plenty of extras. True to the principle of Kaizen, you usually have to attempt small enhancements for your weblog. Chronic small enhancements and standardization yield massive consequences in the form of compound productivity development.

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