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Lyft rolls out new tipping prompts as drivers pass $250 million in tips earned


Lyft is touting a metric that its primary rival can’t grow approximately – tip money earned through the platform. Left famously offers an in-app tipping option for riders, at the same time as Uber does now. On account of Lyft’s announcement that drivers had collectively earned over $one hundred million in suggestions four years after the organization started its trip-hailing enterprise, it’s been offering updates on the earning capability represented by using suggestions from a semi-ordinary foundation. Today, it has a new replacement for general income and is rolling out new functions that would contribute even tip-based earning potential.

Just two-and-a-half months ago, Lyft announced that general tips had exceeded the $200 million milestones, so the additional $50 million collected between now and then has come at a quicker price than ever earlier. A few factors are probably helping out here: First, Lyft has substantially advanced its footprint in the U.S., starting in 2017, expanding to over 100 new cities. Second, Lyft is gaining ground on Uber regarding market share as Uber reels from its cultural and leadership problems at a rate that we haven’t seen before between the two competitors.

Left is now going to begin showing new preset tip options in rides, too, with any luck, assist drivers in earning extra on longer rides; the employer found out these days. On trips where the fare is above $25, riders will now get $2, $five, and $10 tipping options in preference to $1, $2, and $5 selections (custom tip alternatives additionally remain for all rides). Lyft says that during its initial small group trying out, it already saw guidelines rise on rides with a fee of over $25, and people saw the new selections.


Having recommendations, in any respect, is an aggressive gain on Lyft’s delivery facet. Still, the fact that it’s iterating on this to try to bump up income capacity means it’s aware and hopes to press that benefit. Uber has taken steps to shore up its motive force-facet product and address the concerns of that client base. However, the Left’s cognizance of the upside right here might assist it in earning more goodwill.

6 Photo Editing Tips You Should Know

In the past, picture enhancement did not become something photographers had. However, photograph editing is considered a crucial ability for ultra-modern photographers. For instance, with Photoshop, you could easily process the submission processing much more. Nowadays, it is believed that even pleasant snapshots may be stepped forward with a terrific photograph enhancing the app.

Below are some changes that you could make to make the method more efficient. For instance, you must crop your pictures first. It’s no longer an excellent concept to dispose of dirt or readjust exposure on the regions of the picture to be cropped out.

6 Photo Editing Tips

Crop your Images

Do you have nicely composed snapshots? If so, you may nonetheless gain from a chunk of cropping. You must pick out the crop device and the area where you want to keep it. This is as smooth as it sounds. Once the photograph is cropped, you should recheck it to ensure you haven’t eliminated the necessary parts.

Remove the sensor dirt.

Remember: dust and other debris should be removed from the digital lens before every photo shoot. If you’ve taken photographs without cleaning the lens, you will see dirt in the shots. To get rid of the dirt spots, you can pick out the Healing Brush from the menu.

Readjust the levels

If you want to increase the comparison degree, all you need to do is darken the shadows and brighten the highlights. It would help if you visited the Levels, dragging the white arrow in the right route to achieve the desired effect.

Increase the saturation

To make the colors stand out, you could grow the saturation level. So, boosting the saturation to make your photographs extra colorful is a good concept. However, using this option sparingly is an awesome concept, as noisy colorings don’t appear good at all.

Change it Back to black and white.

Mono is first-rate in a few cases. Therefore, you need to strive out this conversion tool. You can give visitors the preset conversion to alter how colors are transformed. Ideally, it would help if you chose a good way to provide a fantastic assessment. Make sure you don’t lose shadows or highlights.

Sharpen up

You can use this option for the general public of digital photographs. In reality, the settings can be primarily based on whether you want to view the snapshots on a PC display screen. Otherwise, it would help if you got them revealed. Again, use this selection sparingly so that it will avoid digital noise.

Other pointers

It’s no longer necessary to use all the features tto modify each photo. For instance, you won’t need to change the exposure in some pictures. All you need to do is ensure you want a function to improve the image’s appearance. Once you have finished the picture enhancement, you ought to rename the picture to keep it to another folder. Don’t make the error of overwriting the file you took from the digicam. So, these are a few guidelines that assist you with image editing.


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