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Samsung files patent for magnetic field-based VR controllers


The patent  My Update System describes a new type of VR controller that allows you to use magnetic fields to set up communication with the corresponding gadget, including a VR headset. Using magnetic fields will ensure greater analysis, tracking, and positioning accuracy. The patent, in addition, explains how this can function. It looks like, except for VR, those controllers might also be able to connect with different devices.

The patent talks about a VR headset, which would come with a ‘supply’ tool. The source device will possibly be unbiased of the hardware and emit the magnetic field. Then, the emitted magnetic field will set off the controller. Moreover, it will be able to calculate the proximity and distance. Coming to the second photograph of the patent hints at the opportunity for a user to interact with a TV comparably. However, the person isn’t always wearing a VR headset right here. Rather, the ‘source’ emits the magnetic field, and the “VR imparting tool” is available as a small attachment, which may be located anywhere. As visible in this picture, the tool is positioned within the person’s returned pocket.

LG Smart TV Vs. Samsung Smart LED TV

Smart TVs can update traditional TVs. This modern device offers several features a conventional TV set couldn’t deliver, taking matters a step further. It is ready with superior computing technology, including internet integration, a set-top box, a gaming console, a Blu-ray player, a nearby difficult force garage, and other devices. In other words, smart TV is the ultimate one-stop home enjoyment center.


Many renowned electronics manufacturers have attempted to make personal cleveownome companies, which are even part of palms in manufacturing this high-quality amusement gadget. For instance, Logitech, Sony, Intel, and Google operate collectively to provide an Android-based totally Google TV. Two massive electronics manufacturers, LG and Samsung, are at the vanguard. Both corporations additionally produce their very own signature smart televisions. Many people tend to examine products from LG and Samsung because they may be Korean-based total corporations, and both target the same markets.

The LG Smart TV has four thrilling alternatives: the Launcher Bar, Premium Content, TV Live, and TV Apps. Premium content for this TV is furnished through partners CinemaNow and Netflix. In addition, LG offers a huge series of apps, from academic to gaming. The Smart Share feature on this product lets users wirelessly circulate videos and listen to songs from compatible devices or their PCs. To access the content without the laptop, the consumer ought to spark off the embedded web surfer most effectively. In addition, customers can also get admission to Picasa Photo Viewer, Google Maps, YouTube, Amazon VOD, AP, and Twitter. On top of that, the LG Smart TV is cheaper than the most clever TVs sold in the marketplace.

The Samsung Smart LED TV, on the other hand, offers more interesting capabilities. At least five smart alternatives are available: Smart Search, Smart Chat, Smart Video, Smart Design, and Smart 3D. And just like the LG Smart TV, the features supplied on this Samsung TV additionally allow the customers to get admission to numerous films, songs, TV packages, films, and games, not to mention online content and social networking sites. Smart 3-D is probably an exceptional feature of Samsung Smart LED TV. This country of the artwork device also boasts bright pictures and excellent coloration qualities, like other television shows. This TV is more highly-priced than the LG Smart TV. But if you are looking for an exceptional picture, that is the best clever TV for you.

Samsung UN46B8000 Review – Unbiased Review

Samsung has grown so much over the years. It is an enterprise that began with CRT TVs, the simply cumbersome TVs, and now it has gone on to larger and higher things. Samsung is a name I’m positive everyone recognizes. It is an organization in a venture to supply the pleasant and the greatest to its customers. It is synonymous with high best.

With the current development in electronics, plenty of the latest and highest-quality creations have been made regarding semiconductors. Take, for example, the Light Emitting Diodes. This has begun the ever-popular LCD Craze. Samsung became one of the very first corporations to tailor this concept and make it part of the design of their TVs. Samsung also became the first to use the so-called “Super AMOLED” generation. It is a pioneer of every kind within the TV industry.

The new Samsung UN46B8000 forty-six-inch 1080p 240Hz LED HDTV will display contemporary enhancements in the TV era. It is a brilliant, slender TV, but do not be fooled by its length. Its little package deal bursts with awesome functions. It has a functional Internet that allows you to accept content via the -famous Yahoo Simply!, Flickr, and more than a few different online TV widgets on the display screen. You can experience a wide variety of multimedia through USB 2.0, which has become a staple on most TVs.

You can join your everyday digital digicam, camcorder, mp3 player, or maybe a thumb force and experience movies, songs, or photos on your own or with the corporation, family, and friends. You can, in reality, access multimedia content material through a LAN mobile tool wirelessly and directly on your TV. You also can join it on more than one PC. This TV is also not like your ordinary TV. This consumes forty less energy than most LCD TVs, using LED instead of LCD.LCDs are a friend in your pocket, your finances, and Mother Nature. Samsung is an employer that now cares not only about its profits but also about roundings.

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