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Blogger Robert Alai sues for defamation


Controversial blogger Robert Alai has sued a publishing company accusing publishing a defamatory article against him. In court documents were seen using Citizen Digital, Alai accuses Headline Publishers Limited of going for walks a tale on their weekly guide, Weekly Citizen, titled ‘City blogger now ache within the neck’ which, he says, changed into intended to color him in the terrible light. Alai says the thing become meant to portray him as a person accomplishing “dishonest and corrupt business practices, an extortionist, an unethical and unscrupulous character who engages in fraudulent, criminal and unlawful activities.”

“You falsely and maliciously wrote and revealed and posted and dispensed or brought on to be written, revealed, posted and allotted the stated article whilst understanding absolutely properly that the allegations of and regarding our client are unfaithful,” reads the document drawn using Were and Orange Advocates. “Our instructions are to demand from you as we hereby do a direct withdrawal of the defamatory phrases and an unqualified apology.” Ala also threatens to continue with appropriate complaints towards the paper if the thing is not withdrawn and an apology tendered to him within 3 days of serving the publishing firm.

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In the article, the guide termed the controversial blogger as “an extortionist who demands money with menaces from senior government employees, parastatal bosses and private region managers with threats of posting dirty memories relating their person on his weblog.” The article claimed that Alai – via his online platform Kahawa Tungu – threatens “his victims” with adverse exposés if they fail to pay him huge sums of money. According to the story, the outstanding blogger demanded Ksh.400 000 from managers at the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) in order now not to post a harmful story at the company and, after they declined, he allegedly published the story.


The publication, in addition, connected Alai with looking to extort top managers and board members of the National Social Security Fund as well as Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) birthday party leader Raila Odinga’s son, Raila Junior, each of whom allegedly refused “to succumb to blackmail.” Following the e-book of the tale at the Weekly Citizen edition of June 18 -24, a neighborhood every day mentioned that Alai stormed the places of work of the publishing house and destroyed their equipment along with computer systems, scanner, and printer.

The paper’s editor, Tom Alwaka – who is referred to in Alai’s health – has suggested the matter at Central Police Station observed via his attorney Winston Naira. However, speaking to Citizen Digital on the phone, Alai claims he did not spoil any system and has not acquired any police summons. “I visited them the way you will visit a person, and I did not spoil anything. If you have seen the one’s images, that laptop is not even destroyed…the ones human beings just removed the CPU cowl and took photographs,” says Alai.

“I actually have now not acquired any police summons. If I did, I could honor them; I’m now not someone who runs far from the police.” In a statement seen via Citizen Digital, Alai says, “As a person who has lived with police officers and recognizes the vital position of law enforcers, I actually have always cooperated with them whilst required to.” “I actually have never proven any need to dismiss or disrespect police or court docket summons. I even have never waited for my attorneys to seem at any police stations because I significantly recognize cops.” The outspoken blogger further said that he might appear before the workplace of DCIO Central Police station as soon as viable if indeed it’s miles true that he has been summoned.

Just in case you appear to find out yourself inside the midst of scandal or stewing over some not-so-tremendous PR, look no in addition to Hollywood heroes for hints on foot tall even after you land yourself in heat water. Robert Downey Jr. Is this 365 days’ comeback toddler with a starring feature in Iron Man. For the last 15 years or so, the most effective time you’ll pay interest his call changed into regarding a drug bust or but each other failed stint at rehab.

Bloggers joked that the high-quality robe you’ll count on Downey Jr. To put on becomes the orange jumpsuit from the county jail. Now we see him suitable up as the acute billionaire genius Tony Stark and basking in his redemption. Downey Jr. Has discovered to refer once more to his afflicted years with a wholesome dose of wit and self-deprecating humor. I’m sure that his 4 years of sobriety have helped him circulate a place of reputation on this challenge count number.

OK, so what does this middle-aged Brat-Packer want to do with you?

Sometimes matters take vicinity in business that we can not manipulate. Your organization may be involved in a sticky legal dispute, you can have shot your mouth off to a reporter without first attractive your brain, or you screwed up massive time in some surprising way. And God-forbid, you tee off a rabid blogger who is going to the metropolis on discrediting you publicly.

Either manner you slice it, it’s miles now not the most remarkable attention to your organization. So what do you do subsequently?

Damage management begins with you. Here are some hints certainly in case you step in a few PR doo-doo and need to get higher your correct call

1. Chin Up.

Mary Poppins dishes out some suitable recommendations if you consider them. Chin up manner you’re saying, “OK, I’m inside the midst of a bunch of crap; however, I’m now not going to allow it get me down. I despise the fact that has my dignity.” In this category, look at the spouses of excessive-profile people embedded in the scandal. Name any political spouse whose hubby has been stuck along with his pants down (literally). Save your emotions for the therapist’s couch; however, in public, stay robust. You can constantly write an inform-all memoir after the dust settles and make a fortune.

2. Do Something Good to Make Up For It

On something scale, a part of proudly owning plenty as wrongdoing needs to be expressed in motion. Maybe you need to deliver someone a nice card with a heartfelt apology. Or probable charity work is in keeping to regain your proper call. Do some factors publicly to rewrite your tale. People will bear your maximum current acts in mind, so make sure to hold paying it ahead with the right deeds.

With a few factors, you may be capable of look back and recognize a massive lesson that grows to be found out through this. The united states and downs are what make for robust leaders. Remember not to give up if something terrible comes to your manner. Experience it out with common experience and humility, then maintain making forward strides with your new-located wisdom.

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